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Roland's Bar closed for the season

It was a great summer on the deck; thanks to all who came to see us. Roland's will open again in the spring!

A few things to note:

Why Roland's?

Our outdoor bar is located in the hotel's original smokehouse, where thousands of hams were smoked and cured each year to supply the famous family-style feasts the NuWray was once known for. Will Roland was the chef at the NuWray for 40+ years in the first half of the 20th century, and his family has deep ties to the NuWray and Burnsville. Some of his recipes are included in the old NuWray cookbook, and it was Will who perfected the method of smoking and curing hams.


We chose to name the bar after him, with permission from his family members who still live in the area, as a way of honoring his contribution to the culinary traditions of the NuWray. There’s something really special about sitting at this bar, where you can look up at the original beams, still charred from ages-old smoke.

Will Roland, chef at the NuWray
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